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Florence Wylde


My love of good food and interest in helping people is what led me to becoming a Nutritional Therapist. I grew up in a big family who loved to cook and eat healthy food that was seasonal and fresh. I learnt from a young age how to prepare simple meals which were nourishing and inexpensive. My first career was in events and marketing, a fast paced environment where people were too busy to eat properly and fuelled themselves with caffeine and alcohol. I found myself encouraging colleagues to take proper lunch breaks, drink plenty of water and in the afternoon I would offer people fruit and homemade energy bars. I soon realised that I was in the wrong career when nurturing colleagues had become my priority!

So, having always had an interest in nutrition, I embarked on a three year training in Nutritional Therapy with the UK College of Naturopathic Medicine. I have worked with lots of different clients and health issues including inflammatory conditions, mental health, acne, psoriasis, IBS, diabetes and hormonal imbalances to name a few. I have developed a particular interest in gut health as I quickly realised that the root cause of many diseases could be traced back to the gut.

I approach each new case with an open mind and understanding that everyone is different and requires a tailored and individual approach which will ensure you are able to enjoy the nutrition and lifestyle interventions that I suggest. I never cease to be amazed by how life-changing the right nutritional intervention can be for people.


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