Sundip Balraj Singh-Aujla (M.Ost)

Sundip Aujla is a specialist in pain psychology, human anatomy and the diagnosis, treatment and management of Neuromusculoskeletal conditions. 

His clinical practice is based fundamentally on the BioPsychoSocial model of pain management, making him a specialist at identifying biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to an individual's pain experience.

Whilst undertaking an integrated masters degree at University in Leeds, he conducted a research project into Osteopath perspectives on the methods that are available to them for gaining a perspective of a patients pain experience. This enabled him to gain insight into the psychology of patients and practitioners regarding the subject of pain.

Having directed clinics across London in Liverpool Street, Leyton and De Beauvoir, his clinical practice spans working with military personnel, professional dancers, musicians from the BBC symphony orchestra and Olympic athletes, whilst also serving as a family practitioner within the De Beauvoir community. He works alongside midwives to provide specialised care for women in the pre and postnatal stages and dedicates a large amount of time to working with the elderly population to improve their confidence in movement, strength and flexibility to ensure the body is working at it's optimum.

Sundip has established himself as a practitioner that provides 360 degree for his patients via the application of evidence-based clinical practice, the latest technologies in patient education and a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy. 
He also spends a considerable amount of time lecturing and presenting workshops on human anatomy, physiology and the psychology of pain. His treatment and management of neuromusculoskeletal injuries is primarily based on a combination of advanced Osteopathic techniques and specialised Clinical Pilates rehabilitative exercises.


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